What We Do: GeoGraphics & Geovisualization

Geo-visualization; Geographic visualization is at the convergence of GIS, cartography, computer graphics, 3D modelling, image processing, computer vision, computer-aided design, geospatial data processing and analysis.

  • Cartography: custom maps built from client-supplied data, surveys or existing public domain geospatial data and styled in any way imaginable​

  • Figures and site plans, both 2D and 3D for feasibility studies, annual reports, proposals, project summaries, etc. tailored to clients needs and brand.

  • GIS data processing & analysis, hydrological modelling (flow direction and accumulation, watersheds and runoff, groundwater tables) spatial modelling (adjacency, containment, intersection, proximity, etc.) and visualizations.

  • Drone Site Surveys: Certified Drone Pilot (Remotely Operated Aircraft Systems RPAS) in Canada (Basic operations) under new RPAS (Drone) rules coming to effect on June 1st, 2019.  Site surveys in unrestricted class G Airspace ( and 3 Nautical Miles away from airports and aerodromes)

  • Drone (RPAS site surveys) data processing, 3D models, orthoimagery, topography & conversion and mapping from client-supplied data.  

  • Building pre-existing and anticipated topography models (Using DEM digital elevation models) for mines and construction projects including volumetric cut and fill calculations providing net gain and loss between topography changes over time.  

  • ArcMap and ArcCatalog add-in programming: designing and developing custom ArcGIS Add-ins to extend, streamline or optimize ArcMap or ArcCatalog functionality (ArcObjects)

  • Topographic, imagery, land tenure, political or thematic maps ranging from simple graphics to complex cartographic works of art, for wall display, publications, presentations, magazines or business brochures.

  • On location industrial, architectural and manufacturing photography & image processing and touch up work by an award winning landscape photographer. 

  • Made-to-order hiking, fishing and hunting maps built from client's own GPS data and sketches.

  • Facilitating remote sensing surveys including LiDAR, Aerial & Satellite Imagery (multi-spectral or natural colour) by recommending trusted and highly experienced contractors.

  • 3D modelling and visualization (site plans, buildings)

  • Spatial modelling, mapping support, figures and geo-visuals for research papers and articles.

  • Graphic design and desktop publishing: business publications, graphics, brochures and posters featuring custom fine cartography and geographical content.

  • Custom vector maps for graphic designers and their clients delivered in editable vector formats.

Target Industries
  • Mining & Exploration

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Graphic Design

  • Desktop Publishing

  • Lands Management

  • ​Environmental Protection

  • Energy

  • Resources & Infrastructure